PERFORMING GEOMETRIES: The Square [Case study 2018-2020]

The embodiment of the square is pursued while dancing on, in and in relation to its form in space, by means of open-form composition, formalistic dance improvisation, repetition, meditation and observation of the moving body, as well as physical and mental exhaustion.

A space structure, inspired by fractals, where self-iterability and reduction of form happen ad infinitum, assigns the performer’s task to embody “the ideal” of the square with predetermined failure, bringing her to a point when the square is perceivable, yet undanceable in human scale. After the realization of limits, the embodiment of the square continues to be pursued, bringing the performer into the interstices between the “geometry of sentiments” and the “vanity of human rationalization”.

The spatial fractal-inspired structure used in the research.
A square fractal: Complicated square patterns reducing the square’s form infinitely in space.