[45 min dance performance]

Are fractals the answer to inner human geometry? This performance contemplates on the geometry of sentiments and the vanity of human rationalization.

Creation / Dance: Sofia Kondylia
Dramaturgy: Eleni Mloukie
Original music: Stefanos Barbalias
Graphic design: Konstantinos Argyriou

Attempting to grope the immeasurable geometry of feelings, she loops on the perimeter of an impeccable shape, the square. The square does not condone any mistakes and drives the individual to the quest of a never-ending pattern, of a structure within a structure, within a structure, on a seemingly infinite existence in between our familiar dimensions.

* Many thanks to my peers and teachers in ArtEZ University, Master of Theater Practices, for their support and constructive feedback.

history of the piece
July 25, 2019 [greek premiere]

Akadimia Emporikou Naftikou (A.E.N.), Hydra, Greece

June 27, 2019 [Dutch premiere]

ArtEZ Teatrium (Orderlangs), Arnhem, The Netherlands

  • Header image photo @Maria Karkavilla
  • Copyright of each photo is shown either with watermark or at the comments of each image.
JUNE 27, 2019 // ArtEZ Teatrium (Orderlangs), Arnhem, The Netherlands

Photographer: Fenia Kotsopoulou

Akadimia Emporikou Naftikou (A.E.N.), Hydra, Greece

Photographers: Maria Karkavilla, Alexandros Botonakis, Yannis Mezes, Salvo Genovesi

THE SQUARE poster @Konstantinos Argyriou
TRIAL+ERROR cross arts research group
ANIMART school-forum-festival
Under the auspices:
Municipality of Hydra
Hydra Arts Lab, of Common Benefit Enterprise of Hydra Municipality
Hellenic Physics Society