I am a choreographer interested in the emotional and dramaturgical qualities of creating space through body movement. My work stems from the actualization of a simple truth: that movement creates space. My double-disciplined background, as a dancer and architect, expands my work on the versatile intersections between dance and architecture through artistic research, dance, performance and screendance work. I aim in creating spaces where the body is simultaneously realized as mind, and vice versa, during the dancing praxis, provoking thinking shift and change. 


Sofia Kondylia is a performer, choreographer, experimental filmmaker and double-disciplined researcher, holding an MA in Performance Practices from ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem, The Netherlands, a MA in Architectural Engineering from National Technical University of Athens, and a BA in Dance and Dance Pedagogy from Rallou Manou Higher Professional Dance School, Athens, Greece. She began linking her practices through “Architecture + Dance” research project, exploring the creation and the dramaturgy of space through body movement, kinaesthetic empathy, dance and music composition. She continued with the conduction of “Performing Geometries” research project, engaging in the performative and dramaturgical potentiality of embodying regular, Euclidean shapes through dancing. Her research has resulted in various performance works (e.g. “The Square”/2020, “bodIS”/2019, “Asleep”/2018, “Human Constructions”/2016-2017), experimental films (“The Square”/2020, “Squared”/2020), original artistic practices (e.g. “Spatial Flow”, “Architecture + Dance” compositional practices) and numerous performance workshops. Furthermore, she has created an original documentation method of her work (“Pictographic Glyphs” notation/2020) and academic writings. Her work has been processed during artistic residencies (e.g. PAF/France, Megaron, Duncan Dance Centre, Animart 2019 Hydra/Greece, Egomio Cultural Centre/Cyprus), presented in international festivals (Scotland, California, Greece, Cyprus, Sweden, The Netherlands), disseminated in international conferences (Italy, Greece) and shared through constant teaching (Greece, Scotland). Her work has been awarded governmental funding and public support, as well as an international distinction in 2016 for “Human Constructions”.