I am a dance/architecture artist who has invested in dancing and choreography, sharing her love and passion for creating space throughout the two arts.

After graduating from both Schools, I decided to fully devote myself to “Architecture + Dance” interdisciplinary choreography research, exploring practically how the two fields could permeate each other during the process of creating.

Their correlation is based on the reasonable thought that “movement crates space”, since both arts involve creating tangible, as well as intangible spaces through the movement of the bodies.

Firmly believing that artistic creation is an intellectual, yet very somatic process, I propose an empathetic, as well as kinesthetic way of visualizing the implied “movement” and “space” a creator can feel when capturing an artistic idea. Using interdisciplinary synthetic tools to translate this experiential sense in metaphorical performative space, I incorporate principles of architectural designing into dance composition.

I am a great enthusiast for research work, posing unexplored questions and pursuing them through theory-based practical methods. Moreover, I do not hesitate to go beyond theory, testing my findings with new artistic methods and, if necessary, returning to theory to reposition or enrich it.

In my artistic work I draw basically on everyday life, but also on the creative process and the performative convention itself. Participation of the audience and interaction in my pieces is one of my main interests.

As a teacher I like to work with my students in a deep expressive, analytical and technical level, for I strongly believe that everybody can reach consciousness of body, movement, space, rhythm and breath.

Thanks for visiting. Enjoy!