Sofia Kondylia is a choreographer, dancer and double-disciplined researcher, co-founder of “Trial+Error” cross arts research group. She received academic degrees in Dance and Dance Pedagogy (BA) from Rallou Manou Higher Professional Dance School and in Architectural Engineering (MA) from NTUA School of Architecture, Athens, Greece, while, she currently is an MA candidate in Performance Practices, ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem, The Netherlands. As a dancer, she performed for various international choreographers and companies including “Vest and Page”, Pere Faura, “Les gens d’ Uterpan”, Kiki Bacca, Angeliki Stellatou, Polina Kremasta, Yannis Karounis. She has presented her choreographic work in international festivals and received numerous artistic residencies in Europe (Greece, Cyprus, Sweden, France, The Netherlands and Italy). She received international distinction for her lecture performance “Human Constructions” (2016), while she was awarded funding from several Greek public bodies and private organizations for her pieces: “The Square”, “BodIS” and “Architecture + Dance” research project. Since 2013 she has been working as a contemporary dance and improvisation teacher and pedagogue in various public schools and private dance studios, while organizing performance workshops based on her choreographic research. In her current research, “Performing Geometries”, she engages in the dramaturgical potentiality of embodying ideal, Euclidian shapes through dance, choreography, improvisation and repetition.