artistic statement

“I am a choreographer interested in the emotional and dramaturgical qualities of creating space through body movement. My work stems from the actualization of a simple truth: that movement creates space. My double-disciplined background, as a dancer and architect, expands my work on the versatile intersections between dance and architecture through artistic research, choreography, performance and screendance work. In my choreographic practice, I aim in createing performance spaces, where the body is simultaneously realized as mind, and vice versa, during and through the dancing praxis, provoking thinking shift and change. So far, my work has been touching upon subjects of human psychology, self-transformation, and social interaction”.

aRTISTIC background

Sofia Kondylia is an award-winning choreographer, performer and architect, and a double-disciplined artistic researcher. Her work expands on the versatile intersections between choreography and architecture, through dance, performance, physical theatre and screendance work. Motivated by the fact that movement creates space, she uses dance as a language, to simulate emotion and critical thinking upon subjects of human psychology, self-transformation, and social interaction.

She holds an MA in Performance Practices from ArtEZ University of the Arts, (Arnhem, The Netherlands), an MA in Architectural Engineering and a BA in Dance and Dance Pedagogy (Athens, Greece). Her ongoing practice-as-research projects, “Architecture + Dance” and “Performing Geometries”, have so far resulted in various performances (“The Square”/2020, “BodIS”/2019, “Asleep”/2018, “Sympraxis”/2017, “Human Constructions”/2016-2017, “Between Me”/2015), screendance films (“The Square”/2020, “Squared”/2020), in her “Architecture + Dance” and “Spatial Flow” workshops, as well as in her “Pictographic Glyphs” dance documentation (“Performing Geometries”/2020).

Her work has been awarded governmental, as well as private funding and international awards (2020, Special Mention for “The Square”/ 2016, International Distinction for “Human Constructions”). She has travelled across Europe for numerous artistic residencies (Citymoves/UK, PAF/FR, Megaron/GR, Duncan Dance Centre/GR, Hydra Animart 2019/GR, Egomio Cultural Centre/CY) and for giving performances, workshops, conference lectures and artist presentations (Scotland, Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Sweden, The Netherlands, California, Argentina). She has been sharing her dance and choreographic practices through regular teaching since 2014.

She currently lives and works in Scotland.

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