As an artist of both an architectural and dance background, I invest in the coupling the two fields during the synthetic process. Using mainly the body and interdisciplinary synthetic methods, I attempt to translate body movement into metaphorical space following a kinesthetic approach of the whole process.

The body uses its movement to occupy, perceive and create space. Considering this fact, I firstly try to sense kinesthetically the metaphorical movement, which is stimulated inside one’s body when starting with a new idea. Then, combining dance/architecture synthetic tools, this inner sense is imprinted on paper through non-figurative drawing. Subsequently, the drawing leads to studio work, where a consistent interpretation of it is pursued, by means of the performative body (dance, theater, media, etc.) This very personal, intellectual, yet somatic way of giving birth to an artistic idea affects directly the form, the rhythm and the dynamics of the work, while it brings the creator’s individuality to the foreground, as structural elements of his/her personality (artistic style) are left inside the work in absentia.

I draw basically on everyday life, but also on the creative process and the performative convention itself. Participation of the audience and interaction in my pieces is one of my main interests.

I like to work in a deep expressive and technical level with my students, for I strongly believe that everybody can reach consciousness of breath, movement, space and rhythm.