Sympraxis | 3rd cycle results


10 meetings |30 hours|15 creators|15 group pieces|4 presentations

80 min dance performance presenting 15 semi-structured group pieces co-created and performed by the participants of the workshop, following the proposed research methodology and the artistic advice of the two moderators (Sofia Kondylia / dance & architecture, Pantelis Ntzialas / music). At this stage, the research intended to explore the collaboration of architects, dancers and musicians in performance making, attempting a kinesthetic combination of Architecture, Dance and Music during the process. The 3rd cycle reflects on the outcomes of the 2nd, by deploying again and developing some methods previously proposed and proposing new experiential material and making practices and interdisciplinary methods as well.

Moreover, the 3rd cycle investigates the dramaturgies of horizontal collaboration in artistic making and the social body of such a collaboration during the presentation of the work, hence the title.

Co-creation, Interpretation: 3rd “Architecture + Dance” Workshop
Alexandra Domniki-Drandaki (Dance), Anastasia Triamataki (Dance), Vicky Alexandraki (Dance), Eirini-Nikoletta Avgerinou (Dance), Elena Dalamara (Architecture, Dance, Music/Singing), Eleni Konstantopoulou (Dance, Music), Elli Symeon (Architecture), Erato Choli (Architecture, Dance), Evi Thanella (Dance, Creative Playing), Iris Athanasiadi (Architecture, Dance, Music/Singing), Lina Ioannidou (Dance), Lydia Lentzari (Dance), Marianna Solomonidou (Architecture, Dance), Mirto Charalambous (Dance), Faidra Apostolika (Architecture), Giorgos Amentas (Dance, Music)
Music design: Pantelis Ntzialas & the musicians of the team
Space design: Sofia Kondylia & the architects of the team
Costume Selection, Light Design: Sofia Kondylia and the creators
Graphic Design: Marianna Solomonidou, Sofia Kondylia
Video/photo documentation: Marina Fragkioudaki, Mariana Bolano
Video artist: Marina Fragkioudaki
Research conduction, Artistic advice, Coordination: Sofia Kondylia
Production: “Trial + Error” Crossarts Research Group
The 3rd circle of “Architecture + Dance” research was held during October – November 2017 (five weeks). It was hosted at “Aktina” Higher Professional Dance School having the support of the School and “Trial + Error” Crossarts Research Group (Non-profit Organisation).
NOV 03 – 04 – 05, 2017

Art Factory – Technostasio, Athens

Documentation of the work

First part

1. Mobile Immobility > Please deactivate your need to look at your mobile phones. ||| Idea: Iris Athanasiadi / Co-creation, interpretation: the whole group / Space design: Iris Athanasiadi / Sound design, composition: Iris Athanasiadi & the ensemble / Research conduction, creative advice: Sofia Kondylia
2. Οort > Research on transitional space: the passage as a floating territory that interrupts continuity. ||| Idea: Mirto Charalampous / Co-creation, interpretation: Alexandra-Domniki Drandaki / Space design: Elli Symeon / Sound design, composition: Pantelis Ntzialas & Mirto Charalampous / Creative advice: Sofia Kondylia, Pantelis Ntzialas / Research conduction: Sofia Kondylia
3. Hierarchical relationships > I am tired of your demands… I am master of myself? ||| Idea: Eleni Konstantopoulou / Co-creation, interpretation: Lydia Lentzari, Erato Choli, Elena Dalamara & the ensemble / Space design: Eleni Konstantopoulou, Faidra Apostolika / Sound design, composition: Pantelis Ntzialas, Eleni Konstantopoulou & the ensemble / Creative advice: Sofia Kondylia, Pantelis Ntzialas / Research conduction: Sofia Kondylia
4. Dis-ability > Is a deficient body dis-abled? Is a non dis-abled body deficient? Two bodies meet each other. ||| Idea: Lydia Lentzari / Co-creation, interpretation: Vicky Alexandraki, Evi Thanella, Eleni Konstantopoulou, Lydia Lentzari / Space design: Lydia Lentzari, Faidra Apostolika / Sound design, composition: Pantelis Ntzialas & Lydia Lentzari / Creative advice: Sofia Kondylia, Pantelis Ntzialas / Research conduction: Sofia Kondylia
5. Belonging – sensing the space of > Surrounds without limiting. Acceptance touches and can be touched – it is a soft texture. Movement spins timelessly in the uniquely common present. Deep readiness. You do fit in the egg! ||| Idea: Evi Thanella / Co-creation, interpretation:  Alexandra-Domniki Drandaki, Anastasia Triamataki, Vicky Alexandraki, Iris Athanasiadi, Lina Ioannidou, Mirto Charalampous, Giorgos Amentas, Marianna Solomonidou / Space design: Evi Thanella, Marianna Solomonidou / Sound design, composition: Evi Thanella & the ensemble / Research conduction, creative advice: Sofia Kondylia
6. Sym-biotic space > Interactions in searching for “vital” space in the dual system of “I” + “the other”. ||| Idea: Elena Dalamara / Co-creation, interpretation: Lina Ioannidou, Anastasia Triamataki, Giorgos Amentas, Iris Athanasiadi, Marianna Solomonidou, Eirini-Nikoletta Avgerinou, Erato Choli, Elli Symeon / Space design: Elena Dalamara & the ensemble / Sound design, composition: Bob Marley, Pantelis Ntzialas & Elena Dalamara / Creative advice: Sofia Kondylia, Pantelis Ntzialas / Research conduction: Sofia Kondylia
7. Body, recall > How does memory work on bodies? What marks them? Space and time experience through body memory. ||| Idea: Elli Symeon / Co-creation, interpretation: Vicky Alexandraki, Eleni Konstantopoulou, Mirto Charalampous, Lydia Lentzari, Eirini-Nikoleta Avgerinou, Faidra Apostolika / Space design: Elli Symeon / Sound design, composition:  Elli Symeon & the ensemble / Creative advice, research conduction: Sofia Kondylia /  
8. Just do it > Options, limits. I. The others. Me and the others. Me and the world. Loneliness. Coexistence. Space. Thoughts. Black. Light blue. Observer. Corners. Curves. ||| Idea: Alexandra-Domniki Drandaki / Co-creation, interpretation:  Giorgos Amentas, Elena Dalamara, Evi Thanella, Lina Ioannidou, Marianna Solomonidou / Space design: Alexandra-Domniki Drandaki , Elli Symeon & the ensemble / Sound design, composition: Alexandra-Domniki Drandaki & the ensemble / Research conduction, creative advice: Sofia Kondylia

Second part

9. Fumbling in penumbra > “[…] according to the criteria of oriental aesthetics […] the term of birth and the existence of ([…] beauty) is the darkness and the ambiguity, as if in a dream”. J.Tanizaki, “In Praise of Shadows” ||| Idea: Erato Choli / Co-creation, interpretation: Anastasia Triamataki, Giorgos Amentas, Marianna Solomonidou / Space design: Erato Choli / Sound design, composition: Pantelis Ntzialas & Erato Choli / Creative advice: Sofia Kondylia, Pantelis Ntzialas / Research conduction: Sofia Kondylia
10. The deterministic moment > “… The impulsive compulsion for a never ending visual alertness that captures the moment and its eternity…” Cartier-Bresson Henri ||| Idea: Vicky Alexandraki / Co-creation, interpretation: Faidra Apostolika, Eirini-Nikoletta Avgerinou, Evi Thanella, Eleni Konstantopoulou, Lydia Lentzari, Elli Symeon, Mirto Charalampous / Space design: Vicky Alexandraki, Elli Symeon, Faidra Apostolika / Sound design, composition: Vicky Alexandraki & the ensemble/ Research conduction, creative advice: Sofia Kondylia
11. Liberate the limit > Is there freedom at the limit? Is there a limit to freedom? Can a limit function as a transition towards a reformulation of me? ||| Idea: Eirini-Nikoleta Avgerinou / Co-creation, interpretation: Marianna Solomonidou / Space design: Elli Symeon / Sound design, composition: Pantelis Ntzialas & Eirini-Nikoleta Avgerinou / Creative advice: Sofia Kondylia, Pantelis Ntzialas / Research conduction: Sofia Kondylia
12. Aesthetics – Evolution > Aesthetics: the perception of reality through sensations. How does this sense transform from era to era? ||| Idea: Faidra Apostolika / Co-creation, interpretation: Anastasia Triamataki, Vicky Alexandraki, Elena Dalamara, Eleni Konstantopoulou, Elli Symeon, Lina Ioannidou, Eirini-Nikoletta Avgerinou / Space design: Faidra Apostolika  Sound design, composition: Pantelis Ntzialas, Faidra Apostolika & the ensemble/ Creative advice: Sofia Kondylia, Pantelis Ntzialas / Research conduction: Sofia Kondylia
13. Windows > […]“but the windows are not there to be found— / or at least I cannot find them. And perhaps / it is better that I don’t find them. / Perhaps the light will prove another tyranny”. […] K.P. Kavafy *(translation by Edmund Keeley/Philip Sherrard) ||| Idea: Marianna Solomonidou / Co-creation, interpretation: Alexandra-Domniki Drandaki, Giorgos Amentas, Erato Choli, Mirto Charalampous / Space design: Marianna Solomonidou / Sound design, composition: Pantelis Ntzialas & Marianna Solomonidou / Creative advice: Sofia Kondylia, Pantelis Ntzialas / Research conduction: Sofia Kondylia
14. Love & Death > If love is the driving force that gives birth to everything… then what is death? What is the relationship between them? ||| Idea: Lina Ioannidou / Co-creation, interpretation: Iris Athanasiadi, Alexandra-Domniki Drandaki, Elena Dalamara / Space design: Lina Ioannidou / Sound design, composition: Pantelis Ntzialas, Lina Ioannidou & the ensemble / Creative advice: Sofia Kondylia, Pantelis Ntzialas / Research conduction: Sofia Kondylia
15. Sound as a medium > Sound is what places us in the present. How much do we hear? Close your eyes or peek if you want, but still, listen. Have a good hearing! ||| Idea: Giorgos Amentas / Co-creation, interpretation: the whole group / Space design: the ensemble / Sound design, composition:  Giorgos Amentas & the ensemble / Research conduction: Sofia Kondylia