Experiential workshop

Stage presence and improvisation workshop “Architecture + Dance” is presenting the experiential working method of “Architecture + Dance” research, generated during 2nd and 3rd research cycles.
1 day / 1 hour
EMST ( National museum of Modern Arts )

The stage presence and improvisation workshop “Architecture +Dance” was created for the 2nd solo composition workshop “Architecture +Dance” (Copyright 2015) and is based on the theoretical part of Architecture+Dance research* (see the creator’s thesis “Architecture+Dance: Theory, Composition, Practice”, NTUA Department of Architecture, 2011).

Inspired from its moderator’s necessity to share in a direct/experiential way her theory about how movement is basically involved in perception and creation of space, it initially served a communication code between the 2nd workshop’s participants and the moderator before the passage to practice (choreography).

After its first experimental implementation in January-February 2016 and its assimilation in the participants’ creations, it evolved and got an autonomous integrated form as Stage presence and improvisation “Architecture+ Dance” workshop aiming to the realization, understanding and development of concepts born from the stage exposure of the body such as:

– Korper schema/body image
– Physical action (P. Schilder)
– Body memory (E. Kassey)
– Spatial perception
– Range of body’s radiation
– Empathy
– Kinaesthetics
– Movement and space visualization
– Body/Space materiality
– Structural construction of materials, bodies and objects

Through specifically designed observation exercises and movement improvisation the theoretical part of this research is revealed to the participant in an experiential way. The above concepts are realized somatically, for they are “hidden” in visualization exercises and movement research. At first, the participants are trained on detecting the inner tendencies and rules that determine their own bodies and, then, the other bodies, objects and symbolic abstract concepts like an unformed artistic idea. What we call “Body” embeds space, time, energy, places, actions and ideas.

The workshop addresses pre professional, professional and amateur dancers, performers, actors, artists and everybody who wishes to broaden his/her composition perception.

  • Photographer: PV
  • Photographer: PV

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