NTUA Thesis

“Architecture and Dance: Theory, Synthesis, Practice”
supervisor: Professor Chara Kalaitzidou (Dpt. III, ARCHITECTURAL LANGUAGE, COMMUNICATION AND DESIGN)
when: November 2011
WHERE: NTUA Architecture School, Athens, Greece
Research was undertaken during 2009-2011. After its presentation at Ntua School of Architecture in Athens (2011), its synopsis has been presented, accompanied by video projection, at Xanthi School of Architecture (“Invited Researchers”, 2013), at “Present Body” dance studio, Athens (2013) and in Athens Vault OpenSeptember 4 festival (2015).



In the book perceptional matters related to movement/space synthesis are scientifically examined and the interdisciplinary synthetic method suggested by the author is basically analyzed. Firstly, a theoretical connection in the synthetic process of both arts is attempted and then it is proved by means of parallel and analytical approach based on extensive bibliography and experiential survey.



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