***International Distinction***
***Greek Contemporary Dace Platform 2016***


Interactive solo piece based on interdisciplinary research “Architecture + Dance” speaking about artistic creation – about creating spaces through sensing our bodies’ (inner) movement.

“Real spaces, where body action lives. And platonic spaces, where ideas can exist…”
Creation, Interpretation, Text: Sofia Kondylia | Choreography counselor:  Angeliki Stellatou | Speech elaboration: Katerina Kyvetou (Greek), Eva Papadopoulou (English) | Sound design: Stefanos Syminelakis | Scenery design:  PV, Sofia Kondylia | Costume selection, Lights, Graphic design, Videos:  Sofia Kondylia| Photography:  PV, Mariana Bolano, Manos Garyfalloy

The very moment a new idea is born an artist can feel inner movement inside him. This fact triggers and powers the whole synthetic process until the inner, firstly felt movement is captured inside the work of art as a personal rhythmic (optical, acoustic, muscular) idiom and style. The artists’ movement is unintentionally transformed into figurative movement engraved on matter in absentia, leaving its distinctive stigma in the idea, structure and formation of the artwork and activating not only the space around it but also the work itself.

The performance combines speech and movement throughout its whole duration following an interactive lecture form. The audience gets involved in the plot of the performance and is called to reexamine issues such as perception, occupation and synthesis of space by physically experiencing and participating in it.

Gradually the audience takes a tour at creators’ findings, while she encourages them to watch and understand her through sensation. Using the form of lecture performance, she wants to speak about artistic creation from inside: while speaking about sensing the role of movement in creating spaces, she – transformed in a living piece of art – gradually “moves” towards the spectators…and invites them to travel with her; to taste everything that happens on stage; to discover and feel; the labor, the agony and the ambition of human creation; but also the completeness, the childishness and the delight to love…what you create.

May 16, 2016 (GR) [Greek premiere]

“Romantso” Cultural Center, Athens

Jun 1, 2016 (GR)

5th GCA festival, Municipal Theater of Kalamaria, Thessaloniki

Jun 6, 2016 (GR)

15th GCA festival, Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens

Jun 15, 2016 (GR)

2nd Inport festival, Municipal Theater of Piraeus

Jul 2, 2016 (GR)

Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park, Flotation Building

Oct 22, 2016 (GR)

Greek Contemporary Dance Platform 2016, Athens Concert Hall

Nov 13, 2016 (GR) [Cyprus Premiere]

Dance Waves festival 2016, Nicosia, Cyprus

Dec 19, 2016 (GR)

NTUA School of Architecture, Averof building, Athens

Jul 23, 2017 (GR)

Dance Days Chania 2017 International festival, Crete, Greece

Sept 7 & 8, 2017 (EN) [Swedish premiere]

STOFF 2017 – Stockholme Fringe Festival, Sweden (EN)

  • Header image photo @PV
  • Copyright of each photo is shown at the name of each image. Photographers: PV, Mariana Bolano, Manos Garyfallou