Architecture + Dance Research

Interdisciplinary research “Architecture + Dance” explores the coupling of the two arts in their creative process.

Person in charge:
Sofia Kondylia [NTUA Architect Engineer, Dancer, Choreographer, Dance teacher]
Research counselors:
Professor Chara Kalaitzidou [NTUA Architecture School – Dpt. III, Architectural Language, Communication and Design – Painting Lab]
Angeliki Stellatou [Dancer, Choreographer, Dance teacher]


“Architecture + Dance” research began in 2011 as Sofia Kondylia’s academic thesis at NTUA School of Architecture with the support of the Architecture department and under the supervision of Professor Chara Kalaitzidou (Dpt. III, ARCHITECTURAL LANGUAGE, COMMUNICATION AND DESIGN). Starting from the study of synthetic theories of architects and choreographers, the research moved to an experiential level and is constantly developing through practice.

In its first phase (2011 – 2014), the research aimed at tracing points of intersection between architecture and dance. The correlation was based on the perception that both arts create space through the movement of the bodies. The body perceives, creates and understands space and its dynamics in a kinesthetic way.

Subsequently (2014 – 2016), the act and influence of movement into the synthetic process is investigated. Both the architect and the dancer design tangible, as well as figurative spaces, motivated from their inner sense of rhythm and movement, as they can experience it inside them. So, any kind of movement or potential movement is not only captured in the form of a work but also constitutes a basic component of the whole synthetic process, affecting the formation of its idea, its structure, its rhythmic order and harmony.

Until now the research has generated a theoretical (2010 -2011) and a practical part (2014 -2017). The practical part of the research applies, tests and shares all theoritical conclusions to the lecture performance Human ReConstructions and to the choreography workshop “Architecture + Dance” for dancers, performers and architects.



On May 2016 “Architecture + Dance” research received the authorization of the General Meeting of NTUA Architecture School (dean: Mrs E.Maistrou).


Until now the research has received
support / co-production
Trial + Error” crossarts research group, “Aktina” Professional Dance School, “Isadora & Raymond Duncan” Dance Research Center, Athens Concert Hall, O.P.A.N.D.A. Municipality of Athens, Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park, Vault theater plus, Greek Choreographers Association, Municipal Theater of Piraeus, Romantso Cultural Center, Egomio Cultural Center, Nordic Fringe Network, Stockholm Fringe Festival 2017 and Dance Days Chania 2017
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with the generous support of
Kinoussis group and Rokani upcycled furniture

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