Storytelling with an object

Over the 18 months of Covid-19, we had all been spending so much time surrounded by objects in our homes. This workshop emerged as a way to open a window onto what is significant for folk – what has helped sustain or resource, amuse or bring a moment of joy to us during this time of such constraint.

In this workshop, Sofia invites participants to select an object from home that holds resonance for them. The object might also memorialise something or someone. Participants bring their objects with them to the workshop as a starting point for developing movement material that holds emotional resonance or curiosity or joy.

During the workshop, participants get to experience Sofia’s choreographic approach to her solo “Asleep“, where she dances with a large bean bag pillow keeping her eyes closed throughout. They are then invited to create their own material in relation to the ‘story’/ significance that their object holds for them.

Oct 17, 2021
the Barn, Banchory, UK / Phosphorescence festival in partnership with Dancelive festival 2021, in Aberdeen, UK

© Jessy Earl for the Phosphorescence festival at the Barn as part of DanceLive 2021