Spatial Flow

Experience infinite flow between earth and sky through dance combinations of smashing four-dimensional moves.

Express yourself and improve your strength, flexibility, kinaesthetic sense, and mental focus.

Prepare to sweat and get to flow, float, and fly with me!

Spatial flow is a release contemporary dance class combining set movement, improvisation, and gentle acrobatics. It is suitable for everyone who feels passionately about dancing and needs a touch of the groove in everyday life and workout routine.

The class focuses on creating and transforming the space through movement flow in a safe and fun environment. It begins with a dance warm-up incorporating elements of somatics. The body becomes aware of its breath, learns to ground and open, and prepares for the act of dance. During the class, actions like pushing, pulling, turning, shifting, running, pausing, balancing, and suspending become organic parts of a student’s movement flow. The body learns to transfer its weight and project its energy in spacetime while staying grounded and connected to the present. Through floor work, acrobatics practice, core strengthening, movement and improv tasks, students learn to move efficiently across different levels, in alternating orientations, and along various rhythms, challenging their limits and mastering new ways of physical and mental resilience. The practice cools down with relaxation exercises and dynamic stretching.

Absolute beginners are absolutely welcome. Come with comfortable clothing and cotton socks.

Covid-19 safety regulations apply. Online registration is necessary before attending.

Please note that you need to register every time before coming. Payment takes place on-site before class begins (cash preferred). Please arrive in time to facilitate a smooth start for you and the group.


// adult spatial flow – Froghall Community Centre

From OCT 15, 2022:
Saturdays, 11:00-12:30

cost: £7 (SINGULAR CLASS OF 1,5 HOUR) or 15% discount for a whole month’s booking, paid for on every first class of the month.

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