Spatial Flow | Contemporary Dance & Improvisation

Get ready to sweat, express yourself…
and meet the best version of YOU!

Spatial Flow is a Release Contemporary Dance class, including floor work, dance improvisation, and gentle acrobatics, suitable for everyone who feels passionately about dancing and needs a touch of the groove in their everyday life and workout routine.

Release Contemporary Dance practice uses momentum, gravity, and body dynamics to release the body’s energetic flow in space, stirring physical creativity, movement efficiency, emotional expression, and pleasure. The practice starts by grounding the body with floor exercises and builds up to the sky with expressive choreography, including suspensions, extensions, falls, turns, gentle acrobatics, and fluid jumps. Each 90 min class includes a mobilising warm-up, short dance combinations, dance improvisation tasks, and a full body strength & stretch that will leave you feeling energised yet relaxed after every class.

The currently running class is specifically designed for adult movers at the beginners/intermediate level. Everybody is welcome – no previous experience is necessary. Come in comfortable clothing and cotton socks.

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// adults spatial flow – Saturdays Froghall Community Centre

time: 11:00-12:30
COST: £7 (SINGULAR CLASS OF 1,5 HOUR) or 15% discount for a whole month’s booking, paid for on every first class of the month.

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