See saw (2019)

[45 min solo site-specific performance]

In this site-specific act, the performer explores her possible relation with a wooden see saw and the urban environment conditioned both by her non-seeing and her fragile balancing on the middle of the object.

creation/dance: sofia kondylia
collaborating with: “vest n page” and mpt artez master candidates

Balancing at the middle, possibly playing the harmonica
“Hi, Do you want to play with me?” (repetive)


Game of seeing details:
I pick a detail, I embody it and you guess what it is


I say words coming from the details


  1. We make two teams, one on each side. I am playing for this side, while Penelope is playing for the other. (come on pick your side and go there)
  2. Both teams start from 50 points. When the seesaw bumps on the ground the player and her corresponding team loses a point. So you count, we contest.
  3. The team who will go out second wins.
FEB 15, 2019

ArtEZ MTP Building (Kortestraat), Arnhem, The Netherlands

ArtEZ Master of Theater Practices (Performance Practices)