Odos Rodon (2017)

[40 MIN site-specific COMMUNITY PROJECT performance]

6th grade students of 9th Byronas primary school  & “Footprint” Skytali team present a site -specific act at Kareas Refugee Residence.

Idea/Concept: Aris Sioutis
Co-creation/Choreography: “Footprint” Skytali team (Pinelopi Iliaskou, Katerina Klirodeti, Sofia Kondylia, Aris Plios, Periklis Skordilis) & school teacher Aris Sioutis AND THE 6th grade class students
Performed by: 6th grade students of 9th Byronas primary school

“Odos Rodon” is the outcome of a long term collaboration between “Footprint” Skytali educational plan group, the 6th grade class of 9th Byronas primary school and its teacher Aris Sioutis on the main theme of immigrant transfers.

Recordings of people speaking about their life journey which ended at this particular region where Kareas Refugee Residence today locates, become source of inspiration and are outlined in this site specific act, which involves the students with the site, its residents and history – a history that is linked and links us to the general aspect of immigrant transfers and dislocation.

The act condenses a new action of Skytali educational plan, the “Footprint” action, which is a mutual quest between the team, the class and its teacher about “what is it, that remains” after the first meeting of a class with Skytali, during a previous year. How can this experience be embedded in their everyday life? How can it flourish in a new creative basis? And, finally, how can be involving  and shared to the local community?

* Many thanks to Kareas Oral History Group, Thiseion Archeologists Club, Kareas City Center and the inhabitants of Kareas Refugee Residence for the hospitality, the archive access and the support.

May 19, 2017 [Premiere]

Kareas refugee residence, Athens

Apr 28, 2017 [Work in progress]

Thiseion Archeologists Club, Athens

afisa odos rodon
with the support of: 

“Skytali” educational plan, “Reon” Non Profit Organization, Duncan Dance Center, Athens, the approvement of Greece Education Council and the exclusive donation of  SNF – Stavros Niarxos Foundation