Between me (2015)


Inner, necessary or inevitable change
That happens or not
That takes you to or brings you from
Change once dreamed, but to hesitate
Grown on your countless ‘musts’
Met you on the move…
Change that changed you
As you were changing your own change.

Idea/Concept: Sofia Kondylia | Choreography: Sofia Kondylia, Zafeiria Tsirakaki and the group | Performers: Fotini Aggeli, Carolina Theleriti, Sofia Kondylia, Julia Koukouzeli, Nikoleta Koutitsa, Zafeiria Tsirakaki
Light, Poster design, Costumes, Video: Team in Progress Photography: PV | Duration: 35’ | Production: Team in Progress

We live in a place and a time that is partly revealed to us by existing imperfectly within the given perfect universe. We exist imperfectly, because we are represented by at least two selves, contra and non-harmonized, but also by countless others in between, helping our two extreme aspects of self in making decisions. Our inability to harmonize our infinite pieces of “being” into a single “I” comprises the perfect design of our existence; our only drive for movement, inner dialogue and negotiation. A perfect world is revealed to us by existing in a given place and time, and it is calling us to live in it and evolve.

The performance is organized in three scenes. Six dancers create three kinetic dipoles outlining three conceptual landscapes of oneself’s change. Inner change is experienced as a risk of psychological safety, as a struggle between “want” and “have to” and as a space-time randomness juncture.

Jun 18, 2015 [Premiere]

Art Space 14th DAY, Athens

Apr 17, 2015 [Work in Progress]

SCALE 1:100 Festival, Sixrono Theater, Athens

Jan 27, 2015 [Work in Progress]

Athens Video Dance Project 2015 festival, School of Fine Arts

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