Asle e p

[45 min interactive performative act]

The act explores possible performative relations with a large, intimate resting object (pouf pillow), while drawing on the subconscious areas of mind and letting the audience affect the dance within the structure of the piece.

Creation, Interpretation: Sofia Kondylia
Production: 8ο Athens Video Dance Project

As the performer is swirling on stage keeping her eyes closed in an intimate relation to the object, always in physical cooperation and in contact with it, the object is influenced by the shape of her body and influences the flow of movement – finally leading to a continuous restart with unpredictable development and end each time.

Their inevitable conflict with stage elements and the bodies of the spectators means the end of a kinetic sequence; at this moment the performer “wakes up”, changes level and starts contacting visually with the attending spectators until she receives the appropriate stimulus to fall (“asleep”) again and start a new kinetic sequence of exploration.

The performance encourages the viewer to engage, while enjoying a “quiet” break in the midst of his daily routine (and in contrast to it), coexisting with others in a common psychosomatic relaxation state.

Jan 19 – 20 – 21, 2018

8ο Athens Video Dance Project, Promenade 2018 // Athens School of Fine Arts, “Nikos Kessanlis” exhibition space

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