Asleep (2018)

[45 min interactive solo performance]

The act explores possible performative relations with a large, intimate resting object (pouf pillow), while drawing on the subconscious areas of mind and letting the audience affect the dance within the structure of the piece.

Creation, Interpretation: Sofia Kondylia
Production: 8ο Athens Video Dance Project

The performer is exploring with closed eyes her spatial and kinetic relationship with a large resting object (poof pillow), while in intimate connection and continuous contact with it, kept in low level. By simulating this “asleep” mode, she dances multiple spatial and kinetic “dreaming” loops with her inhuman partner, developing a dependent relationship that unfolds multiple layers of intimacy developed in “sleeping with”.

Jan 19 – 20 – 21, 2018

8ο Athens Video Dance Project, Promenade 2018 // Athens School of Fine Arts, “Nikos Kessanlis” exhibition space

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