Dissonant Unity (2017)

[50 min interactive performative act / proposal]

Artistic Proposal for OCC / Munich Biennale of New Music Theater 2018  international platforms / “Private Matter” / Greece on the main theme of privacy / private space. The platform took place in Athens during October 2016 – March 2017 with the participation of 20 invited artists, all of them young creators in the fields of Dance, Music and Visual Arts.

Dance/Architecture: Sofia Kondylia
Music/Composition: Stefanos Syminelakis
Mentors: Angeliki Stellatou, Dimitris Kamarotos
Production: SGT O.C.C. – Munich Biennale of New Music Theater 2018

The act deals with privacy (individuality), seen from the perspective of observation and exhibition of an artistic act. Within some determined boundaries of intimacy and isolation, the audience is encouraged to come into contact and interact with the performers while moving freely into the field of action, shaping an audio-visual environment.

Participation of the audience is the vital condition that activates the play. Through this interaction we aspire to highlight the private nature of the performative experience. Giving the viewer the right to interfere on the flow of action, we challenge the conventional condition of performance and question to what extent the observation of a structured artwork, which is deliberately left open, consists a personal experience.

Apr 12, 2017

SGT Onassis Cultural Center (closed presentation)