Dance, Theater



«Sweet Fever» | Pere Faura

Participation as Performer

Production: Athens and Epidaurus Festival 2017

Choreography: Pere Faura

Performers: 25 professionals and amateur dancers

JUL 16 & 17 2017

Multifunctional space “Bios”


«Jack the Ripper – Episode 3» – «The one one who can (is the inspector)» |Nostalgia Theater Co.

Participation as Actor

Production: Nostalgia Theater Co.

Direction: George Simonas

Music: Stathis Dafalias

Scenery/Costume design: Tonia Ralli

Lighting: George Simonas, George Kordellas

Special effects: Georgios Loggos

Actors: 15 group of Nostalgia Theater Co.

Mar 29 – Apr 09, 2017 

“Rabbithole” theater


«Avis d’audition» | Documenta 14

Participation as Performer


Production: Documenta 14 – Les gens d’Uterpan

Direction: Annie Vigier & Franck Apertet (Les gens d’Uterpan)

Audition was open to invited audience as a realistic performance given by the 20 selected participants. It was passed successfully meeting the final 7 dancers wanted for the company’s project for Documenta 14

FEB 21, 2017

“Theatro Technis Karolos Koun”



«Odos Rodon» | Dance Company «Skytali»

Participation as Choreographer and Teacher

Site specific project about immigrant and cultural transfers performed by 6th grade primary school children in collaboration with their teacher Aris Sioutis and a small Skytali group.

Production: Dance Company «Skytali»

Idea: Aris Sioutis

Direction: Penelope Iliaskou, Sofia Kondylia, Periklis Skordilis, Katerina Klirodeti, Aris Plios (Skytali) & Aris Sioutis (School teacher)

Performers: 6th grade of 9th Byronas primary school children

May 19, 2017

Kareas refugee housing residence, Athens.


“Planet, no planet” | Dance Company «Skytali»

Participation As Performer

Presentation of the Dance Educational Plan “Skytali” 2016-2017

Choreography: Kiki Baca

Dancers: «Skytali» dance company

Mar 17-18, 2017

Multifunctional space “Anna & Maria Kalouta” Municipality Of Athens



«Dissonant Unity » PROPOSAL| Sofia Kondylia, Stefanos Syminelakis

Munich Biennale of New Music Theater 2018 / international platforms

Participation as Choreographer

Production: SGT Onassis Cultural Center, Munich Biennale of New Music Theater 2018

Dance/Architecture: Sofia Kondylia

Music/Composition: Stefanos Syminelakis

Mentors: Angeliki Stellatou, Dimitris Kamarotos



“Human (Re)Constructions”|Sofia Kondylia

Production | Choreography | Interpretation

Lecture performance based on interdisciplinary

research “Architecture + Dance”

Idea, Choreography, Interpretation: Sofia Kondylia

Choreography advisor: Angeliki Stellatou

Speech elaboration: Katerina Kyvetou

Lecture text: Sofia Kondylia

[Premiere] May 16, 2016 

“Romantso” Cultural Center, Athens


“Architecture + Dance” Workshop |Sofia Kondylia

Art director|Organization | Production | Coordination

Presentation of the results of 1st + 2nd “Architecture + Dance” workshop on solo composition

1st  cycle        01/10/2015 Vault Open SEPTEMBER 4 festival | VAULT Theatre Plus

2nd cycle        16/05/2016 “Romantso” Cultural Center, Athens


“On Count 8”| Dance Company «Skytali»

Participation As Performer

Presentation of the Dance Educational Plan “Skytali” 2015-2016

Choreography: Angeliki Stellatou

Dancers: «Skytali» dance company

Mar 19  –  20, 2016

«Αrgo» Theater, Athens


“Coffee Tales”|M. Kastanou, V. Farmaki

Participation As Performer

Site specific project

Mediterranean Bodies exhibition |Apostolia Papadamaki

08/02/2016 «BOOZE cooperative», Athens

09/02/2016 Café-bar “Yasemi”, Athens


“Don’t tell mama”|Prima Vista

Participation As Performer

Musical performance

Jan 18, 2016

FAUST Theater, Athens



“Metaxi mou – Between me”|“Team in Progress”

Production | Choreography | Interpretation

Three duets about inner change

Idea, Conception: Sofia Kondylia

Choreography: Sofia Kondylia, Zafiria Tsirakaki

Dancers: Sofia Kondylia, Zafiria Tsirakaki, Julia Koukouzeli, Foteini Aggeli, Carolina Theleriti, Nicoleta Koutitsa

 [Premiere] Jun 18, 2015

 Art Space 14th DAY, Athens



“Behind you”| Dance Company «Skytali»

Participation As Performer

Presentation of the Dance Educational Plan “Skytali” 2014-2015

Choreography: Polina Kremasta

Dancers: «Skytali» dance company

27,28 & 29/3/2015

“Isadora & Raymond Duncan” Dance Research Center, Athens


“Interruption”| Georgios Zois

Participation As Actress

Feature film – Contemporary interpretation of “Oresteia”

Director: Georgios Zois

Coproduction Greece – France – Kroatia

02 – 12/09/2015

72nd Venice International Film Festival


2013 – 2014                    


“Catch me… falling” | Dance Company «Skytali»

Participation As Performer

Presentation of the Dance Educational Plan “Skytali” 2012-2014

Choreography: Polina Kremasta

Dancers: «Skytali» dance company

21/07/2014 20th International Kalamata Dance Festival, Greece

21/04/2013 “Isadora & Raymond Duncan” Dance Research Center, Athens



“Domino: 9+1”| Dance Association

Participation As Performer

Choreography workshop 9+1 – Group synthesis

Choreography: “Dalika” Dance Company – V. Yannakopolou

May 14, 2012

Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens



“Den…”|“Rallou Manou” Professional Dance School

Participation As Performer

Participation in choreographies by:

Viki Vlassi, Aliki Kazouri, Fotis Diamontopoulos,

Polina Kremasta

Jun 15 – 16, 2012

Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens




“Sto fos tis meras”| “Saltator” Dance Company

Participation As Performer

Work in progress research on the relation of Greek traditional and contemporary dance

Choreography: Yannis Karounis

21 & 22/02/2009

“Alkmini – Akis Davis” Theater, Athens