Architecture + Dance Instant Composition Workshop / Dance fest Akropoditi, Syros

Architecture + Dance Instant Composition Workshop with Sofia Kondylia

July 9 – 13, 2018 |10:00 – 13:00 | Dance fest Akropoditi, Ermoupoli, Syros

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The objective of “Architecture + Dance”workshop is to feedback and develop the research throughout practice. Dance, aswell as Architecture, involve creation of space through body movement. Drawingon the realization of the fact that “movement creates space”, the researchplaces the creator’s body and its perception to the basis of artistic creation,approaching performance art composition kinesthetically.In this creative workshop we will exploresome ideas brought by the participants and compose on them. Following the pathsof “Architecture + Dance” research, the participants will structureperformative “actions” inspired from their own ideas and will graduallystructure an instant composition performance. The workshop will close with apresentation open to the festival’s audience and a feedback session between theparticipants and the coordinator.The workshop is divided into two separate,yet strongly combined parts: the experiential part and the compositional part.The experiential part will introduce us practically to the theoreticalbackground of the research, helping us to assimilate somatically any newinformation, while it will also allow us to build a code of communication.After reflection and discussion on the outcomes, we will pass to the compositionalpart. Using interdisciplinary tools and through improvisation and continuousfeedback between the team, we will experiment on the proposed ideas,researching the generated performative “actions” and creating a semi-structuredperformance.This workshop aims to grow a research teamthat is interested in co-creating through interdisciplinary practices,experience the value of and giving and receiving feedback while creating and tocontribute to a research work, which for the past three years develops itselfthroughout team-practice and individual experimentation.The workshop addresses professionaldancers/performers, actors, architects, visual artists and musicians, as wellas pre-professional and amateurs with previous improvisationaland stage experience.Links:

Short documentation of 3rd circle

Documentation of 2nd circle


fb: Sofia Kondylia DANCE +Architecture


Book your place here

Info in Greek here
Early bird until March 31!!!

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