3rd Architecture + Dance composition workshop (Athens)

Open Call


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and architect-choreographer
Sofia Kondylia
call for architects, dancers and musicians
to participate in the
3rd composition workshop
Sa & Su [30.09 – 29.10.2017] 
“Aktina” Higher Professional Dance School
Performance 03 – 05.11.2017
Art Space “14th DAY”
After a rich feedback from two composition workshops, one instant composition workshop and one experiential workshop,“Architecture + Dance” research moves on and opens again! The 3rd cycle composition workshop is about group creation pieces following the paths of the research and meeting points of dance, architecture and music!
Guest speaker of us the music composer Pantelis Ntzialas!

The architect’s and choreographer’s research studies the coupling of the two arts in the synthetic process. The correlation is based on the perception that both arts create space through the movement of the bodies. The body perceives, creates and understands space and its dynamics in a kinesthetic way.
More about architecture + dance research


Objective of the choreography workshop “Architecture + Dance” is to feedback and develop the research throughout practice.The participants of the choreography workshop create independent pieces, on an initial idea of them. At first, the participants become experientially familiar with the objective of the research through specifically designed visualizing and improvisation exercises around space/movement perception and performative convention (experiential part). Then, following continuous feedback from the coordinator and by using the suggested architectural and choreography methods, they approach their idea kinesthetically. Through movement, they gradually discover a somatically and intellectually primitivistic way to compose space and time, which draws on principals of architecture, dance and music (compositional part).

more about the experiential part

more about the compositional part

Video link from the meetings of the 2nd composition cycle

Sa & Su [30.09 – 29.10.2017] , Performance 03 – 05.11.2017

The composition workshop will be hosted at “Aktina” Higher Professional Dance School for 5 weeks (October 2017). As the workshop ends the creators will present their work at Art Space “14th DAY” (November 03-05) as a production of “Trial+Error” nonprofit company.

The workshops address dancers, performers, architects, visual artists and musicians (professionals, graduates, students) and to amateur dancers with enough stage and improvisation experience. Dancers, architects and musicians will work in groups as co-creators. For architects and musicians no previous dance experience is needed.

Material from previous performances:

1st cycle results

2nd cycle results and tour


Saturdays 30/09, 07, 14, 21, 28/10

16:00 – 19:00

Sundays 01, 18, 15, 22, 29/10

16:00 – 19:00

“Aktina” Higher Professional Dance School (1st floor)

10th Kallirois st., Acropoli(metro Syggrou Fix, Acropoli)

* Participants should keep in mind that some extra tech rehearsals will be scheduled before the performance during the announced dates (November 03-05).


120 € for all workshop cycle [30 hours]

Early bird: 95 € for registering before 17/09 (20% discount)

Other discounts:

20% discount for students of “Aktina” Higher Professional Dance School

15% discount for owners of Dancetheater plus and SEXWXO Assotiation card.


Please, send your cv to sofiakondylia@gmail.com or

fill in the site contact/application form by September 29th 2017.

All applicants will be answered personally via email within 3 days. Selected applicants will receive information for a deposit amount of 60 €. Paying the deposit also means their registration on a first come first serve basis.

Payoff by bank transfer during 25 – 29/09/2017.


• The meetings serve of an evolving educational target on the synthetic theory. The workshop aims to encourage every participant to involve personally in the creation taking the artistic responsibility of it. It is very important that participants can attend all the meetings and are on time in each one of them (10-15 min earlier).

• In case a participant misses a meeting, the coordinator cannot replenish lost information.

• Pieces that can be presented in the final performance are those that have been created during the workshop following the research’s methods and also can clearly express the initial artistic idea of their creators.

• All pieces will be worked in composition and interpretation of the participants under the supervision and artistic advice of the coordinator and musician Pantelis Ntzialas. The performance will be artistically directed by the coordinator, who do not claim copyright on each piece, except for the workshop and her research. After the first performance, participants are encouraged to continue working on their pieces and they may present them in other venues or festivals. In this case, they are kindly expected to refer to the workshop as a contributor to the creative process and to the coordinator as an artistic advisor.

• All pieces and participant creators will be promoted on press and social media as much as possible.

• Participants do not claim any percentage of the performances tickets, which cover all production, promotional and organizational costs.

• Costs of scenery and costumes are covered by the participants.

• In case there is a cancellation after 24/09/2017 no deposit fee can be returned. When the workshop starts no whole fee can be returned.

With the generous support of “Aktina” Higher Professional Dance School

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Third cycle implementation bodies


logo trial error white-in-black

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C o n t a c t:

Tel. | +30 690 673 0217

Mail| sofiakondylia@gmail.com

F b :

Sofia Kondylia  DANCE + Architecture

Sofia Kondylia – Dance Classes 




Bio Sofia Kondylia



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