Human Constructions is ON for Stockholm Fringe Festival Sept 7 & 8 with an English spoken version as well as a Swedish Premiere!!



***selected performance for Greek Contemporary Dance Platform 2016***

***granted performance from KINUSSIS group***

***receiver of the generous residency of Duncan Dance Center, Athens Concert Hall, Municipality of Athens and Aktina Professional Dance School****
NOW is in Stockholm Fringe Festival 2017 (#STOFF2017) ONLY for 2 performances!!

SEPT 7 | 21:00 | TEATER TR3
SEPT 8 | 18:00 | TEATER TR3

Artist/Group: Sofia Kondylia
Genre: [LECTURE PERFORMANCE] Dance, Performance,Theatre, Interactive
Performed in: English
From: Greece

Dansaren och arkitekten Sofia Kondylia bjuder in oss till både ett danssolo och en interaktiv föreläsning om konstnärligt skapande.

A biographical solo of dancer and architect Sofia Kondylia. A theatrical synopsis of “Architecture + Dance” research. An interactive lecture performance speaking about artistic creation – about creating spaces through bodies’ movement.

“Real spaces, where body action lives. And platonic spaces, where ideas can exist…”

Get more info here:

Book your tickets here!

Join the fb event here!


8 min Excerpts here!

(Videos only in Greek, sorry – English will be a well kept surprise for Stockholm!)

Let’s meet, move and reCREATE the space between us! 

human constructions_ photo_pv


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